Residents and business owners who live in an area where there is not ample street parking can apply for critical parking permits. This page describes who is eligible, how much it costs, and answer frequently asked questions. Visit the About the Program page if you are interested in ordinance information.

Who is eligible for a critical parking permit?
Residents who live or have businesses at qualified addresses within a critical parking area are eligible for permits. Enter your address during account creation to ensure you live within a Critical Parking Area. Visitor and service permits are allowed in most areas except for Areas 7, 9, 10 and the schools and fraternities.
How many permits are allowed for Residents?
Two Critical Parking Permits are allowed per licensed driver account holder. Each eligible address may have a total of one active visitor permit and one active service vehicle permit.
How many permits are allowed for Businesses?
Two total permits are allowed per business. This can be any combination of resident, visitor, or service vehicle permits up to that limit. Temporary parking permits are not available to businesses.
How much do Critical Parking Permits cost?
Critical Parking Permits are $25.00, transferable permits for service vehicles and visitors are $10.00 each. Temporary permits are priced at $2.00 or $5.00 depending on their duration.
How long are permits good for?
Critical parking permits are good for up to one year from the date purchased except for temporary permits which have varied durations between one and thirty days.
Where can I park with my Critical Parking Permit?
Any permit issued is only valid during times posted on signs within the specified area for which it was issued. Eligible streets are marked with an "Except by Permit" sign. For a complete view of your area, see streets with bold lines on the interactive Critical Parking Area Map.

Please note: A permit does not guarantee or reserve a parking space to the holder. The permit holder is still subject to all other city parking ordinances and restrictions in place upon any street within the city limits and the Critical Parking Area.

Please note: You are still subject to rush hour restrictions, temporary no parking signs, street sweeping restrictions, and snow emergency restrictions.
Do I receive a physical permit to display on my car?
No, residents and business owners will register their vehicles via the license plate and the plate number will serve as the permit.
What if I have frequent visitors? Or service vehicles that need to park near my business?
If you live in a critical parking area you may purchase a transferable permit good for one year from date of purchase. Residents and businesses may purchase visitor and service vehicle permits subject to the limits depending on purchaser category.

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to change the license plate information corresponding to the service/visitor permit as needed, either through the permitting website, or by phone via (877) 817-3745.
What if I have a large group of visitors, or only have visitors for a short time during the year?
Additional temporary permits are available to qualified residents:
  • $2.00 for a one-day permit on a specific date
  • $5.00 for an extended period of 2 to 30 days
Businesses are not eligible for temporary permits.
Can I buy a visitor/service permit even if I don’t buy permits for my car?
Yes, it is possible to purchase a permit for guests and/or service vehicles without purchasing a permit for your own vehicle. Many people have off street parking for their own vehicles but need to have street parking for guests or choose not to drive themselves but still have a need to receive guests/workers in their home.
What if I temporarily need to use a different vehicle?
If you have a temporary vehicle, you can add the plate to your account and assign it to your permit. Please make sure the vehicle you will be using is checked off and is listed as "assigned" on the permit page.
Are there restrictions on what vehicles can use a Critical Parking Permit?
It is illegal to use Critical Parking Permits for commercial vehicles, trailers, taxi cabs, buses, or recreational vehicles. Critical Parking Permits are available for motorcycles.
How long does it take for a new application to be approved?
Please allow for between one and three businesses days for your documents to be reviewed and the permit authenticated.
What forms of payment are accepted on the website?
Currently we can accept credit or debit card payments through our website. Accepted providers include Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
What if I am unable to pay with a credit or debit card?
After creating an account, download and fill out the Critical Parking Area Permit Application. Please remember to use the same email address that you registered on this site with and utilize the listed prices to calculate the total amount due. Print and enclose the completed form (along with your check or money order for the total due) and address it to:

Minneapolis Critical Parking
33 North 9th Street—Room 100
Minneapolis MN, 55403
What if I am unable to attach my necessary documentation?
If you do not have the ability to digitally attach your authenticating documents via the website, then you may utilize one of the following methods for document submission:

1) Mail copies of your documents along with a completed application form to:

Minneapolis Critical Parking
33 North 9th Street—Room 100
Minneapolis MN, 55403

2) Visit the above address in person with your documents, proceed to the lower level, and a representative will be available to review your documentation. Parking is available in the Hawthorne Transportation Center Ramp at 31 North 9th Street, Minneapolis MN 55403 (entrance on 9th Street).